Sri. B. Sachidananda Babu

About Sri. Shri B. Sachidananda Babu Shri B Sachidananda Babu - the most well-known name in the field of astrology, spirituality and allied science. In his home state. Karnataka, he is a household name and a favourite.
Shri Sachidananda Babu is the son of Late Dr B.V. Raman, the Bhishma Pithamaha of Astrology, He was trained by his father in this great science of Jyothisha.
Ever since a child, he evinced a great interest in not only Astrology but also Palmistry, Numerology, Philosophy, Yoga, Religion. Spirituality and Mother Nature which he considers as the greatest marvel of God.
He has been giving astrological and allied consultations for almost 36 years with remarkable consistency. His clientèle throughout the world include Intellectuals, Spiritual Giants, Scientists, Medicalmen, Educationists, Film Stars, Politicians, Architects, Legal Luminaries, Top Governmental Officers and of course even the common man.
He has received umpteen number of letters of appreciation from his clients all over the world for his accurate predictions and some have even written to him that they would not even have survived if not for his guidance and advice.
He is not just an astrologer but a person with a very soft heart. Unlike other so called astrologers who spend 5 or 10 minutes talking of irrelevant things and offering expensive remedies (which do not work), he spends 45 minutes to an hour with the client, pulls them up with positive vibrations, re-energises them, talks to them with affection and a smile, involves himself with their problems and has saved many a soul from getting destroyed or even from committing suicide.
Many mentally and physically sick people have been benefited by his positive vibes and healing touch.
He is an exponent of the Hindu system of Astrology and ifs various branches like, Prashna, Jaimini, Ashtakavarga and Varshaphala.

He is an expert in Vaastu shasthra. In a very large number of cases, he tries to avoid demolition methods to make a building vaastu compliant, has given Vaastu solutions not only to the biggest corporates all around the world but also gives Vaastu solutions to the smallest of houses. He is an expert in reviving sick industries and also specializes in vaastu of the commercial building. In umpteen number of cases, where commercial apartments or residential houses were not sold for years, by taking the advice of Shri on making simple vaastu changes, they were able to sell these properties very soon and regain peace of mind Shri is also an exponent and expert in mantra sastra. He suggests specific appropriate mantras for japa to the client based on the horoscope to benefit spiritually and materially as well. Many times mantras are suggested horoscope wise to regain lost health, for peace of mind and also for spiritual progress. His other areas of interest are psychic and holistic healing of mental and physical ailments, the theory of Punya and Karma, Re-incarnation, Life After Death, Life Before Death, Shakuna Shaastra (Omens), analyzing dreams and studying nature (Prakriti).
He is deeply involved in Spirituality, Mysticism, Bhakthi, Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga and even while at work, these thoughts are in his mind. His obsession is Medical Astrology i.e. trying to analyze disease from a horoscope. In feet many doctors coordinate with him while diagnosing diseases and in respect of complicated surgeries and malignant diseases. Shri is also an expert in Homams or Havans which are powerful forms of remedy for achieving material or spiritual aspirations and also to keep away bad planetary and vaastu effects by propitiating various forms of the Lord and also the most powerful Navagrahas through propitiation of Agni or God of Fire, He suggests, in special cases certain specific homams which are performed under his guidance by specially trained pundits in this field. Many have found immense relief and have had their benign desires fulfilled.

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Sachidananda Babu Kannada Bramha Likitham 15-10-17


Dear Shri B. Sachidananda Babu,
Ever since I met you, whatever predictions you have given have come out absolutely true. Your predictions have shown remarkable consistency in "Horoscope Analysis" and "Prasna". (KSR, Bombay)

Dear Sir,
Respected Sri Babu,
The predictions made by you for "them" for 1992-94 have come true in all respects. (CMS, Bombay.) Respected Sri Shri B. Sachidananda Babu, At the outset I thank you very much for your prediction that I will have a significant overseas travel. I left India on August 17th and reached and joined duty as Specialist - Obstetrics - Gynaecologist. (Dr. K.K., Coimbatore)

My dear Mr. Shri B. Sachidananda Babu,
I must congratulate you for your predictions regarding the job, being 100% true. The problem was solved on 19th June, as soon as Jupiter entered Taurus. Your interpretations and explanations show that you are the master of the subject. (P.S.D., Bombay.)

Dear Sir,