Astrology is a Science

that helps in planning our life better...

Can diseases be cured through astrology ?

Let me be very clear. As mentioned earlier, Astrology helps in preparing an individual to handle any negative situation and indthe right path. An astrologer can never replace a doctor or vise versa. Coupled with professional medical help, the remedies suggested by a good astrologer will help one tide over a crisis easily. Medical Astrology is a very important branch of Astrology.

Through my immense experience, observations, and interactions with doctors, they too agree that there is something beyond the human body that results in disease. We see around us cases of a person who smokes like a chimney and drinks like a ish but lives healthy till he's 80, whereas a person who doesn't drink or smoke suffers from heart disease. Of course it is not an endorsement for leading a life with unhealthy habits. One should always follow a healthy lifestyle.

After having studied thousands of horoscopes it is very clear that various combinations of planets show which part of the body may not be functioning properly. All planets indicate various parts of the human body and with a thorough study of planetary combinations in one's horoscope, based on years of research and experience, an astrologer can indicate what ailment and which phase of one's life it could occur. Then certain simple remedies are advised to offset the negatives in the horoscope so that one starts thinking positively and in the correct direction, and will be able to find a right doctor, hospital or treatment method to get over the ailments.

How important is Vastu ?

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture and a very important part of remedial Astrology. Vastu factors can greatly add to the positivity of an individual or organisation when applied properly. Since the earth is a huge magnet, all constructions on the earth are subject to different kinds of electrical and magnetic ields. This is what Vastu is all about. Balancing the imbalances of these ields enables one to experience different kinds of beneits and positive energies. I have given authentic Vastu guidelines, without demolitions, to many individuals, small businesses and corporate houses who have been greatly benefitted.