Astrology is a Science

that helps in planning our life better...

When will the current business situation improve?

Jupiter in Astrology is known as the natural signiication of money or 'Dhanakaraka'. Due to certain unfavorable transits of Jupiter the monetary situation has been affected. Based on the movement of Jupiter, of course considering various other planetary combinations, after a temporary easing out of the situation around February 2017, signiicant relief can be felt after July 2017.

What is your opinion about predictions based on sun sign or moon sign?

Rasi means a sign in the zodiac. Predictions which are made based on sun or moon sign, are very general in nature and should not be taken very seriously to base important decisions on them. If one does not have a horoscope in the absence of proper birth details, then remedies suggested based on these signs will certainly help in creating a positive energy. Personally, I do not endorse or make predictions based on the sun and moon signs. After having studied scores of horoscopes over the last few decades it is very clear that unless a thorough study of an individual's horoscope is made based on one's time date and place of birth, and considering various permutations and combinations of planets in the horoscope, it is not possible to predict accurately

Which are some of your predictions that have come true?

I have given innumerable correct predictions to my clients most of whom have acknowledged the same through handwritten letters, emails and messages, in the last few decades. I have also made many mundane predictions which have turned out amazingly accurate. Some important predictions about medical discoveries and tsunamis have been listed on my website.