Vastu Dosha

Vaastu Dosha Nivaarana Mahasiddhidayak Swastika Shriyantra


As soon a baby is born, the parents start thinking about its future ahead. The horoscope of the child is made, which forecasts the future of the child based upon the placement of the planets at the time and place of birth. The horoscope gives information about the mental intellect, education, wealth, fame and health of the child. It also conveys some knowledge about the general interests of the child like sports, reading and entertainment.

It helps parents to enjoy parenting since it highlights and brings to the picture, the innate nature of the child. It features information about each stage of the childhood, adulthood and other phases of his/her life. By understanding likes and dislikes of child, elders are able to help their children grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults.

Peace & Harmony

According to Indian or Vedic astrology, our lives are guided by various planets and all the nine planets must be propitiated to bring fortune and prosperity in the household. Astrology for peace and harmony involves forecasting about the factors leading to distrust, sorrow and distress in the surrounding environment. It also puts forwards the root causes for the lack of happiness and peace and suggests the remedies for the same.

Astrology helps gain favorable influence from the planets. "Graha Shanti" as it is called, helps reduce the negative effects of our past karma as expressed through the agency of our "cosmic counterparts" in the form of the seven planets plus Rahu and Ketu.

Generally a "Navagraha Shanti" Puja and/or Homa is a performance that appeals to all nine of these heavenly bodies, with special emphasis on the one or two planets that may need special attention.


Astrology For Man
These are a few things that almost everybody is worried about and seeks an astrologer's help for the same. A man may be confused and worried about the debts owed by him, the marriage that is getting delayed, the acceptance of love from girl of his dreams, and the insecure job.

Astrology offers answers to various issues that keep cropping up in the lives of men, of all ages and from different walks of life. The issues could pertain to education, career, love, marriage, family and overall future. The astrology for a man not only predicts future but also helps seek remedial solutions for the same.

Some men go in for astrology just for the sake of utter curiosity about the future while few look for solutions as well when they are crushed under the wheels of destiny and are not able to tolerate the situations.

Astrology For Woman
Are you a woman seeking answers to questions like will I have a successful career ahead? Does he love me? When will I get married? When will I meet the soul mate? Will I be better off remaining single? Are we compatible? Will my kids be successful?

Astrology for a woman is all about predicting the future of a woman. A woman is the homemaker and plays various important roles in a family- the role of a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and each relationship has its own importance. She is influential in all these relationships.

Astrology for woman puts forward the predictions and possible answers to issues related to these relationships. Astrology also helps her seek remedial solutions for the same.