Sure Shot Predictions by Shri B. Sachidananda Babu

Shri B. Sachidananda Babu predicts Tsunamis and Earthquakes 15 hours Before on a LIVE show on TV9 Kannada (10th March 2011 @ 6Pm to 7pm ) the Japanese Earthquake on 11th March 2011

Shri B. Sachidananda Babu who regularly appeared on the most watched regional news channel - Tv9 Karnataka, has in the last 7-8 years made some stunning accurate predictions...Some of them are given below
  • Russian airline crash.
  • A strange drug resistant disease to hit China.
  • An earthquake in Indonesia
Shri B. Sachidananda Babu was the only one to predict the above events as on record.

» The Russian air crash was reported in the Times of India Hyderabad Edition dated 15th Sep 2008. The flight was between Moscow and Perm. All 88 people on board were killed.

» In Oct 2008 it has been reported by various newspapers and new sites that a HIV drug resistant disease is spreading in China.

» An earthquake has hit Indonesia on 17th Nov 2008 as reported in various newspapers and news websites.
  1. A Strange disease created by animals or insects will show up - Swine Flu was detected which caused havoc.
  2. A leading politician in Andhra Pradesh would meet with a bad fate - Y. S. Rajashekara Reddy
  3. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh would be battered by Natural calamities
  4. A famous temple would be submerged - Mantralaya was drowned.
  5. Later on he said water would flow overly into one more well known temple – Waters entered in to the famous Tirumala Temple.
  6. Year would be marked by Railway disasters - Many railway accidents have taken place since.
  7. Another Earth Quake in Indonesia.
  8. Exit of Benazir Bhutto
  9. Fluctuating health and hospitalisation of Dr. Manmohan Singh and Atal Behari Vajpayee
  10. Fire in Australia in 2009
  11. He also said a Medical miracle will be founded and the Soviets and Japanese came out with a medicine which was the first step to resist HIV .